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UCC - Network of scientific culture units

The UCC+i

Feed body and mind

The Cultural Scientific Unit is the link between CTNS and the consumers, the food sector and the media.

It passes on scientific and technological knowledge in the food field to bring up the public opinion spreading the functional food properties.

With functional nutrients to your health

We offer outstanding contents, rigor in the information use and brightness in the scientific divulgation:

  • Subscribe to our electronically bulletin CTNewS and to the alert services.
  • Join us in Facebook, take part in it and share experiences. With your opinion, we can improve for you.
  • We share reference links and dissemination strategies of the investigation outcomes.
  • We accompany the agro-food cluster companies to the internationalization.

It helps you to digest the information

  • Truthful information about functional food.
  • Today’s news and events diary.
  • Scientific and technological divulgation activities.
  • Edition of didactic material and social responsibility training courses.

Sponsored by:

Ministeriod e Ciencia e Innovacin FECYT. Fundacin Espaola para la Ciencia y la Tecnologa Red de Unidades de Cultura Cientfica

CTNS. Centre Tecnològic de Nutrició i Salut

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Tel. +34 977 300 431

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