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UCC - Network of scientific culture units

Scientific publications

We share some articles published by the investigators of the CTNS and for scientists teams that work with us and/or investigate on nutrition and health.

Research Structural insights for the design of new PPARgamma partial agonists with high binding affinity and low transactivation activity.

Laura Guasch, Esther Sala, Cristina Valls, Mayte Blay, Miquel Mulero, Lluís Arola, Gerard Pujadas and Santiago Garcia-Vallvé

Abstract Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor ? (PPAR?) full agonists are molecules with powerful insulin-sensitizing action that are used... More information

Research Identification of Human IKK-2 Inhibitors of Natural Origin (Part I): Modeling of the IKK-2 Kinase Domain, Virtual Screening and Activity Assays.

Esther Sala, Laura Guasch, Justyna Iwaszkiewicz, Miquel Mulero, Maria-Josepa Salvadó, Montserrat Pinent, Vincent Zoete, Aurélien Grosdidier, Santiago Garcia-Vallvé, Olivier Michielin, Gerard Pujadas

Abstract Background: Their large scaffold diversity and properties, such as structural complexity and drug similarity, form the basis of claims... More information

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