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biomarkers Functional Foods: Some Pointers for Success. e-Publication, UCD Institute of Food and Health, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland, 1 December 2010. ISBN : 978-1-905254-53-8 - 01/12/2010 Functional food design: the role of in-vitro biomarkers

AROLA, Lluís. Director of the CTNS (Technological Centre of Nutrition and Health).

When technologists, scientists or entrepreneurs consider the possibility of designing a functional food from the products they work with, they have to answer several scientific and technological questions. They must ask themselves the right questions in order to determine which bioactive substance they wish to use, e.g. how can it be introduced into the food matrix without disrupting the organoleptic characteristics; which probiotic they wish to use; how they can remove certain molecules from the food; which dose can they use, etc. Above all, however, they must know which pathological process they want to impact on and which mechanism they will use.

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